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​Haoke Lou

Owner of Forestpack Kennels


Best Breeder - Akita (Japanese) 2021

Our Story

I could not give you that story about how I started to become a breeder as I have beenin the dog world since I can remember. My father was a breeder who breed German Shepherd working lines in China many years ago. I had my first companion when I was five (of course a German Shepherd dog) That joy still fascinates me to this day. If I had to say how much I love my current career, I would say that I gave up everything in the first half of my life in order to be a breeder. I am not a person who is good at expressing my feelings, I can only tell you that my love for dogs does not need any words to prove. 

It was 2014, I went to The Royal Melbourne Show where I met White Swiss Shepherd "Zeb"  and his human mom Mrs Donna. (I used him to breed with my beautiful WSS female Hana later and kept a dauther from them which I named her "Venus" ) It was love at first sight, but it would be another three years before Karin, the breeder and owner of Soverenpark in country Victoria, would introduce I to Echo. Echo was my first WSS and she is also Zeb's young sister. I poured a lot of love and effort into her, and she won our first BIS for us in the Greater White Swiss Shepherd Association of Victoria(VIC) 2018. Then we got Hana & Congee from two different  breeders. We imported our boy Mo from a world-renowned German kennel, Vom Sutumer Grund, in early 2019, and I was deeply impressed and admired by the professionalism of the Bortel family. From there I start my WSS lines in Australia and so did our kennels....


Before I moved to Australia, I meet many Chinese rural dogs, and even had a few of them myself when I was young. This is a breed very similar in appearance to the Chinese wolf, they are docile but tough and loyal.Some scholars believe that there is a genetic connection between the Chinese rural dog and the Japanese Shiba Inu, and they were bred by the same canine ancestor in Japan and China.  But sadly, they have not been well systematically bred over the years and mixed with western dog breeds in recent decades, leading to them now on the brink of extinction. Their current unstable genes and the scarcity of purebred dogs made me choose to breed their very similar cousins -Japanese Akita Inus. Of course, it is undeniable that the movie Hachi also played a key role in this.( ̄▽ ̄)~* In early 2019, we imported Hasshuu Taikai Go Kawasaki Takayama Sou (2nd place at Seiken B class Male Group in 139th Headquarters Exhibition) , Aki Go Kimpou Kensha (1st place at Wakainu female Group in Ibaraki Daiichi Branch Exhibition) and Tamahime Go Sambisou from Japan. We also imported our lovely Kawaguchi Hanami from Russia. In the process of getting along with them, I slowly realized the charm of this breed. They have the spirit of a samurai, but also loving and loyal to their family. I am deeply infatuated with this breed, and it is an honor for Forestpack to work and move forward with those dogs.

Our aim is to breed happy and healthy top quality Japanese Akitas & White Swiss Shepherds for us and pet homes and providing high-quality living environment for our dogs that is most suitable for their live. We are importing top and new bloodlines into Australia continuously to develop and improve our own lines. 


“Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.”

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